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White Raw Sainfoin Honey

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Perhaps the most delicious of all types of honey and the most famous honey in Kyrgyzstan.

Sainfoin honey comes from nectar and pollen of Sainfoin flowers, also called “Holy hay”, a flower long recognized for its attributes. A real elixir of life, Sainfoin honey has a pleasant delicate aroma and taste : lightly fruity and not overly sweet, with its white pearl color.

Use it to fight colds during winter. This honey contains a high amount of antioxidants and improves blood circulation, it’s a good diuretic, good for fertility, easing digestive issues and used as a tonic also.

Our honey is 100% puree and raw without any additives.

Customer Reviews

High quality Honey

Rated 5 out of 5
December 23, 2021

I ordered the White Raw Sainfoin Honey. It’s excellent! Very high quality honey. I dealt with Sabrina. She is very helpful and attentive. Great customer service and great honey. Will definitely order again.


Excellent honey

Rated 5 out of 5
December 19, 2021

Excellent product and customer service! You can really tell it’s natural and it is delicious. I highly recommend! Will definitely order again!

Thank you for the great buying experience!


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