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Luxury Honey Gift Box

195 AED

A collection of our honey, each in 150g jar presented in a beautiful glossy box :

  • White Raw Sainfoin Honey
  • Toktogul Raw Mountain Honey
  • Issyk-kul Raw Mountain Honey
  • Suusamyr Raw Mountain Honey

The perfect gift to please others.

Customer Reviews

Oh My Honey

Rated 5 out of 5
January 19, 2022

What peaked my interest about this brand is that the flavour in the honey is not artificially added or via preservatives. It actually comes from the pollen or the nectar of the specific flower. They also maintain the health factor in the honey and retain all its properties like vitamins, enzymes, and pollen. Maintaining ‘from bee to bottle’, they ensure that the honey is not over heated or over processed!

Fatima Abdulla


Rated 5 out of 5
December 28, 2021

Amazing honey both from à texture and taste. It is very pure and the kids loved it. We bought the gift set because I didn’t know which one will taste better and we loved the four. My favorite is the white honey, it is to die for!! Highly recommended


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