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Honey-Profiling (NMR)

Origin and authenticity of food products are gaining more and more attention, with consumers demanding more information about where their honey comes from.  As a high value product used in food, medicine, and cosmetics, honey is particularly vulnerable to adulteration.  Honey fraud has devastating economic consequences for beekeepers producing authentic honey, as it is responsible for the fall in global raw honey prices, while costs of production have substantially increased. A declining beekeeping industry is also potentially a huge threat to global food security, as bees are essential pollinators. Methods of honey adulteration are complex and constantly evolving. Honey must be routinely tested at different stages of the supply chain in order to ensure quality and verify that the product is authentic.

This requires the use of advanced analytical methods that are not easy to counterfeit.  As a response, more and more beekeepers and honey packers around the world are adopting the NMR-based Honey-Profiling method in order to strengthen their premium brand image by selling honeys tested by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). This process protects stakeholders, builds trust between producers and wholesalers, and helps maintain consumer confidence in brands. NMR is also recognized as a powerful method by government agencies, in the global fight against food fraud and unfair competition.

Our honey have been tested by Minerva Scientific Ltd (UK) and Bruker BioSpin GmbH (Germany).