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About Us

DIWI Honey is a family business story of a mixed Belgian-Moroccan couple married for fifteen years and living in Dubai with their children.

Honey has always been taking a big place in our eating habits. Used as a natural remedy or as key ingredient in our cuisine.

What’s better than cooking a delicious lamb tagine with honey stew onions and prunes?

The love of honey came from the childhood, when mums were preparing deserts with sweaty honey.

Also, in our memories those hot cups of milk with honey, when we were sick, sore throat, cough or runny nose … but also in prevention to keep us in a good health.

In Dubai from 7 years, we were looking for a “nature source” and letting our kids discovering the mountains and the greenery. After many researches, at only 4 hours flight from Dubai, we discovered this amazing country which is Kyrgyzstan.

We totally fall in love with this honey, which is harvested in a pristine environment, far from pollution and produced in the heart of the nature by traditional beekeepers.

Our aim is now to share with you the incredible purity of Kyrgyzstan’ nature through our honey jars.