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Our Beekeepers & Hives

Our hives are situated in many different parts of Kyrgyzstan. From Choui region to Issyk-Kul mountains.

All are far from agricultural and industrial activities, far from pollution and pesticide free.

Our beekeepers stay in each specific region during the high season of pollination and move to the another one after the harvest. They’re nomad, as a part of Kyrgyz people.

“Born” in the honey, our beekeepers know how to take care of our bees, how to protect them and how to help them to produce the best quality and the highest quantity of honey.

Bees in a good health can produce daily from 1 to 5kg of honey during the season.

Our beekeepers are staying during all the day near the hives, they live with the bees rhythm, checking the health and wellbeing of our babies. Drinking a cup of tea in the middle of a Sainfoin flower field and sleeping in the middle of hives.

They’re bees protector, and the best advisor.